We are currently seeking both WS Moderators and Trainers.
  • Moderators - Read and score GM and player posts in White Scenarios in accordance with the GM CP Reward Scale or XP Scale. Moderators are sometimes called upon to mediate PC vs. PC combat or other rules issues. There is a minimum number of posts to grade every month for a moderator to be considered active and eligible for pay.
  • Trainers - Guide and instruct new players through the prescribed training curriculum. Trainers are expected to be active in all their threads to be eligible for pay.
  • Must be very familiar with White Scenarios in general, particularly the rules regarding godmoding, conversation posts, and bad format.
  • Must be experienced; ideally, a moderator should have participated in multiple scenarios already.
  • Must be an excellent roleplayer, capable of adequately assessing the positive and negative aspects of their own and others' posts. (A good guideline is that you should be averaging at least 90 on most of your non-convo posts.)
  • Must be active and able to check the forum at least a few times a week.
  • Must be willing to read a lot of RP posts from players of varying skill.
Moderators and trainers earn CPs for each month that they meet the minimum activity requirements.

To Apply

If you wish to become a Moderator or Trainer, please be sure you are aware of the distinctions between each of the positions and their requirements, then do the following:
  1. List your Combine handle and e-mail address where the moderator training exercise will be sent.
  2. List the position you are applying for: WS Moderator or RP Trainer.
  3. List the level of RP Training you have completed thus far (if any) and your experience with White Scenarios (you may list any scenarios in which you've participated). If you have limited or no experience in White Scenarios, then we strongly recommend that you read through the Publicly Viewable Scenarios before applying.
  4. Give any other qualifications relevant to your application.
  5. Write a paragraph (minimum) about your crash landing on an uninhabited planet. Assume the reader knows nothing about you, your ship, the planet, etc. Demonstrate your writing and RP abilities to their fullest.

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